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Convenient Online, Virtual or In-Person Classes - YD programs can be done on your device at your own pace or with a live teacher virtually from your home or in class at a YD location (Course offerings vary by location).

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  • Exclusive Evasive Maneuvers Training: YD teaches collision avoidance techniques like no one else does., with a Focus on Teaching Safe Responsible Driving Habits For Life!
  • No One Can Save You More on Insurance: No other driving school can offer you better insurance savings to newly licensed drivers after course completion.
  • Not Just For Passing a Road Test: YD programs provide you with what other driving schools don't - SaferDriver defensive driving, evasive maneuvers, emergency braking and swerving, as well as head-on and rear-crash collision avoidance.
  • Only 1:1 In-Vehicle Training: YD does not have 3-4 students in an instructor's vehicle at the same time so you will received One to One Individualized Training.
  • Avoidable Collisions Are Expensive: YD courses are specifically designed to prevent collisions to save you costs related to property damage, person injury and increased insurance premiums.
  • Only Licensed Instructors: Your in-vehicle lesson is with a provincially licensed and highly trained instructor, so that lessons are customized to your needs.
  • YD Perks & Rewards: Young Drivers graduates and current students receive exclusive offers & savings - including Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto FC, and more!
  • Teaching Driving For More Than 50 Years: Young Drivers of Canada has been delivering premium driving instruction programs in Canada to generations for over fifty years.
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The YD Course
The YD Course ONLINE
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Parry Sound, ON

Young Drivers Parry Sound Driving School

Gain driving experience with Young Drivers exclusive  Collisionfree!™ Approach

Through Young Drivers training, you will learn observation techniques and vehicle handling skills which will help keep you collision free! Most collisions ARE preventable! You may not be "at fault" but you may have been able to prevent or avoid a collision. By using our techniques you not only help keep insurance costs low, you may prevent, and will lower, the chance of injury to yourself and others.

Young Drivers Instructors are highly trained and professional. Re-certifying annually and all are MTO Approved

Learning effective seeing habits and how to predict and avoid potential hazards we experience on a day to day basis while driving will help keep you and other road users safe. Students are put through situations that can be seen as high risk with their instructors and are taught to identify those risks. More importantly, correction and ultimately better driving skills incorporating the  Collisionfree!™ principles are learned and utilized on the roads for a lifetime.

We offer state-of-the-art resources to ensure you get the most out of your learning to drive courses

The  Collisionfree!™ program is delivered through a variety of learning platforms including crips Blu-ray classroom instruction, one-on-one in-car training with new, modern vehicles, and online training right from your own home. This varied means of teaching students ensures that students are prepared and given the proper skills to stay CollisionFree!  



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Young Drivers Parry Sound Location



Parry Sound now has an In-Person Classroom as well as Virtual and Online Courses.
Hours of operation are: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm except for holidays

Parry Sound Young Drivers offers a variety of driver training packages and pricing options to meet your instructional needs.

Courses range from full driver training packages up to your G test, as well as G Test and G2 Test preparation packages. As well, we offer; night driving, gravel road driving, and winter driving packages.

Young Drivers training packages prepare the novice driver to face the challenges of driving. We assist in building confidence, driving experience, and most importantly, teaching our students how to remain collision free.  

Save money with YD. Save it for your family! Driver training is worth the time to save

Remaining collision free will not only offer the life-long benefits of staying injury free, it also offers the financial benefit of reduced auto insurance premiums, something our graduates receive upon successful completion of our complete training packages. Please feel free to contact our friendly staff if you require further information.              

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