Become a Driving Instructor!

When you become a Young Drivers employee, you’re joining the largest and most reputable driving organization in North America. Young Drivers has a rich history of more than 50 years, contributing to excellence in driver training in Canada. We are a major influencer with provincial driving authorities across Canada to ensure we reduce the number of vehicle-related collisions on our roads. 

We are always on the search for exceptional individuals who have a natural ability with people.

When you join our team of professionals, you’re a valued and empowered employee whose contribution to our student’s future is based on excellence and integrity. Your passion will provide you with great personal satisfaction and future career advancement opportunities.


Benefits of becoming a licensed driving instructor with Young Drivers

  • Young Drivers provides exclusive best-in-class training for those who are serious about becoming one of the best and most respected driving instructors
  • Have control over your earning potential 
  • Experience job security as a driving instructor as there is a constant demand for the trademarked and highly respected YD driver training
  • Contribute to a safer driving community

How will you qualify to become a Young Drivers of Canada driving instructor?

  • You must have at least five years of driving experience
  • Candidates must have a clean driving record – no offences for the previous 3 years
  • You will complete psychometric assessments in order to ensure your success  
  • Candidates will participate in an intensive YD four-week training course 
  • After training, you must pass a provincial driving instructor test
  • Pass a police vulnerable sector check (PVSC) through your local police force

What are some of the career advancement opportunities?

  • Many franchise owners and managers begin their careers as instructors
  • You may be eligible for YD classroom teacher training to become an in-class instructor where the pay rate is higher 
  • After two years of instructor experience, you may qualify to become a rehabilitation driving instructor whose rate of pay is higher
  • After five years of instructor experience, you may qualify to become a driving instructor trainer assistant (DITA)


Our current opportunities:

Driving Instructor

Driving instructors must have a passion for excellence, a love of driving, and, most importantly, a natural camaraderie with people. As a driver training instructor, you will receive both great personal satisfaction and career advancement opportunities (Many of our franchise partners and managers began their careers at Young Drivers as instructors). Candidates must have at least five years of driving experience, a clean driving record, and be available to participate in a four-week instructor training course to obtain an instructor's license. All course graduates are hired. Our instructors provide both one-on-one in-car training, and after gaining experience and with additional training, can teach classroom sessions. Join the largest and most respected driver training organization.

Customer Service Representative

Our Young Drivers customer service reps are responsible for determining convenient timetables for our student's training sessions and scheduling sessions with our professional driver training instructors. You must have good people skills, display well-organized work disciplines, and be comfortable working on the computer with our custom software scheduling programs. Training is provided.

Counsellor / Scheduler

Young Drivers centres field hundreds of telephone inquiries every week. Each call is an opportunity to inform and educate a potential student on our unique approach to collision avoidance and defensive driving. If you can convey Young Drivers' special qualities and benefits with confidence, charisma, and a smile in your voice, you may be a valuable asset to one of our centres. Training is provided.