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Sydney, NS

Sydney Driving School for Defensive Driving


Young Drivers students “drive to survive.” Our premium driver training courses not only teach students the essentials of driving, parking and passing their road test in a safe and responsible manner, we go beyond the basics to instil leading proactive driving habits that can save lives. Drivers learn to anticipate problems before they occur with our exclusive Collisionfree!™ Approach.

Our defensive driving school will prepare you for everything that you need to know such as parallel parking, 3-point turns, hill parking, traffic, congestion, roundabouts, highway and freeway driving. We will teach you how to drive with safe driving practices to provide you with the confidence to drive defensively and pass your road test. 

So why join Young Drivers? We’re more than a driving school – we’re a community united by a shared experience and driven to achieve excellence on the road every day.

  • Over 1.3 Million YOUNG DRIVERS Graduates
  • 50 Years in the Driver Education Industry
  • May Be Eligible For Insurance Discounts Upon Completion of our Exclusive Driving School Course
  • Best Driving Instructors - YOUNG DRIVERS is the Only Driving School to Annually Recertify Our Instructors
  • Convenient Driving Classes & Course Times
  • School Pickup and Convenient Pickup Locations For In-Car Driving Lessons
  • The Only ISO9000 Driving Program in the Country

Only Young Drivers teaches the Collisionfree!™ Approach – helping new drivers stay collision-free through a group of four habits and twenty sub-habits of the exclusive program.  This is the best way to change the way you drive and learn how to drive safely for a lifetime!

Do you currently hold a learners permit (a novice driver) and are looking to get your Class 5? Learn to drive from Canada's #1 driving school - Young Drivers of Canada.

The YD program reduces the time it takes for your final road test with Access Nova Scotia and may also reduce the premium you pay for insurance. We also offer our one-day defensive driving program to get the 'N' removed from your 5N license and may qualify for the removal of up to 4 demerit points from your Class 5 license.​ 

At Young Drivers Sydney, all driving instructors are Department of Transportation Certified, licensed in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act, upgraded annually, fully insured, and MOST IMPORTANTLY passionate about teaching new drivers the life-saving skills they need to recognize risks on the road and respond effectively.  

We are a Driving Force.

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Available Start Dates

YD offers many flexible course dates, find a learning schedule that works for you. Use the button below to see our full course listing or get started right now with an upcoming class.

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Full Courses or Individual Lessons & Packages

  • Defensive Driving: YD programs include defensive driving, evasive maneuvers, emergency braking and swerving, and head-on and rear-crash collision avoidance.
  • Best Insurance Discounts: No other driving school can offer better insurance savings to newly licensed drivers after course completion.
  • Since 1970: 1.3 million new drivers trained across Canada. All YD instructors are re-trained annually, ensuring they're always up-to-date.
  • In-Class: All YD Service areas are conveniently located. You can find it easily nearby, saving you time and effort.
  • In-Car: Each lesson is one-on-one and customized. With expert knowledge of terrain and areas, we know where and how to train to gain the most experience.
  • New Country... New Home... New Roads: Our programs and courses help you develop traffic strategies to navigate all driving environments.
Full Courses In Class
In Car
Road Test
Nova Scotia - The YD Online Course Plus road Test 25 12.25 $875.00 Select
Nova Scotia - The YD Online Course 25 10 - $699.00 Select
The YD Course + Road Test (Classroom) 25 12.25 $875.00 Select
The YD Course (Classroom) 25 10 - $699.00 Select

Full Courses

Nova Scotia - The YD Online Course Plus road Test
Nova Scotia - The YD Online Course
The YD Course + Road Test (Classroom)
The YD Course (Classroom)
Most Popular      + Road Test
Specialized Services
Nova Scotia Graduated Driver Licence (GDL) Exit Course / Defensive Driving Course $100.00 Select

Specialized Services

Nova Scotia Graduated Driver Licence (GDL) Exit Course / Defensive Driving Course
Individual Lessons & Packages
Driving School Lessons 3 $225.00 Select
Driving School Package 3RT $325.00 Select

Individual Lessons & Packages

Driving School Lessons 3
Driving School Package 3RT


Contact our Location:



 Sydney Classroom Location

The YD Sydney office is located in the Maritime Environmental Training Institute (METI) building at 301 Alexandra Street in the heart of Sydney. The YD Sydney office is right on the intersection of Alexandra Street and Churchill Drive, directly across the street from the Cove Guest Home. Use the entrance by the parking lot, and our administration office is located at the top of the stairs.