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Owen Sound, ON

Owen Sound Driving School for Defensive Driving

The Young Drivers of Canada Owen Sound driving school has driving instructors that understand what you will be facing as a driver on Ontario’s roadways. We offer the Ontario Ministry of Transportation approved driving school course, including the MTO Ontario Ministry of Transportation Beginner Driver Education Course. In teaching new drivers how to drive, YD instructors will demonstrate defensive driving methods that provide new drivers with the confidence to drive safely, whenever and wherever. At Young Drivers we have designed our driving lessons not only for  new drivers to be able to pass their driving test and get their driver's licence, but also to be trained in life-saving driving techniques as well as easy parallel parking instructions.

As one of Canada’s top driving schools, Young Drivers of Canada knows that learning to drive and in-car driving training must include the teaching of emergency maneuvers to prevent collisions and possible consequences of distracted driving. Once the driving course has been completed, G1 licence holders may be able to qualify for a substantial four month reduction in their minimum G1 restricted driving licence period. In addition, Young Drivers Owen Sound driver education course graduates may be able to benefit from a car insurance premium reduction.



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  • Defensive Driving: YD programs include defensive driving, evasive maneuvers, emergency braking and swerving, and head-on and rear-crash collision avoidance.
  • Best Insurance Discounts: No other driving school can offer better insurance savings to newly licensed drivers after course completion.
  • Since 1970: 1.3 million new drivers trained across Canada. All YD instructors are re-trained annually, ensuring they're always up-to-date.
  • In-Class: All YD classrooms are conveniently located, offer a clean, comfortable, air-conditioned atmosphere, with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • In-Car: Each lesson is one-on-one and customized. With expert knowledge of terrain and areas, we know where and how to train to gain the most experience.
  • Online: Convenient online programs can be done on your device at your own pace. It's easy to use, engaging and effective.
Full Courses In Class
In Car
Road Test
The YD Course: In person classes, In car lessons 20 10 10 - $749.00 Select
The YD Course: In person classes, In car lessons plus G2 Road Test pkg 20 10 12.25 $895.00 Select

Full Courses

The YD Course: In person classes, In car lessons
The YD Course: In person classes, In car lessons plus G2 Road Test pkg
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Young Drivers Owen Sound Location



 Owen Sound Classroom Location

The Young Drivers Owen Sound driver training classroom is located in The Technology Centre at  954 1st Ave. W., in Owen Sound.

Young Drivers of Canada Drivers Education Programs

Our exclusive programs at Young Drivers of Canada not only how to drive and how to park, but also include comprehensive training for exclusive in-car emergency response techniques. New Drivers also receive CogniFit training, an exclusive YD cognitive training program that can improve short-term memory, dealing with divided attention, reaction times, changing plans and speed of judgment. By improving cognitive driving skills, YD graduates have a much better chance of avoiding collisions.

Our YD driving instructors also teach key skills including freeway/highway driving, head-on collision avoidance, gravel shoulder drop-off, and rear crash avoidance - just to name a few. The instructor will demonstrate life-saving techniques that you will safely practice with a professional by your side. This means that if and when this happens for real, you'll know what to do!

The Senior Driver

At Owen Sound Young Drivers we also offer CogniFit for senior drivers. This is an online cognitive assessment that can help determine the risk of a collision and work to reduce that risk through training. In-car assessments are offered that can help seniors understand modern driving techniques or prepare for government re-testing.

Rehabilitation Options

Under the YD Collisionfree!™ brand, we work with clients to help them get behind the wheel again. We work with rehabilitation clinics and occupational therapists across the country in providing driver competency assessments and hand controls training in many cities.

Free Online G1 Practice Test

If you know someone preparing for their G1 or have a client who could use a refresher, please direct them to our website to take advantage of our free practice test.

The YD Driving School That Teaches How to Stay Collision-Free

For over 40 years, Young Drivers of Canada has been teaching new drivers of all ages. We offer the most comprehensive driver training courses in Canada, including our exclusive in-car emergency response techniques training. YD has taught over one million novice drivers to drive safely. We can help you to pass your G1 or G2 road test, gain confidence in your driving, or brush up on your driving skills.

Young Drivers own Collisionfree!™ Approach teaches a series of habits and sub-habits that demonstrate how to watch out for other drivers errors - mistakes that could result in avoidable collisions. We monitor the quality of our programs on an on-going basis with four levels of quality control, and Young Drivers of Canada is the ONLY ISO9001:2008 registered Canadian driving school. ONLY Young Drivers teaches exclusive emergency maneuvers training, such as:

  • Rear Crash Avoidance
  • Emergency Braking
  • Emergency Swerving Techniques
  • Head-on Collision Avoidance

These are only a few of the life-saving defensive driving techniques YD students are taught. Notably, under Ontario’s graduated licensing regulations a novice driver may only drive on highways when accompanied by a licensed driving instructor. YD students are specifically taught how to drive on these busy roadways.

At YD We Ensure Our Graduates Are Ready for the Road

Every YD student must pass three in-class tests and two in-car evaluations in order to be certain that they are truly ready to drive a car on their own and take the drivers licence test. In car evaluations will also be conducted on their defensive driving skills, while the YD simulated driving license road test assists YD students to get ready for the real thing, thereby increasing the likelihood of their passing the driving test the first time to successfully obtain their licence.

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