A company's most precious resource is its employees, and Keeping them Safe is a high priority. One key fact to keep in mind is:

30% of Workplace Fatalities Occur In Vehicle Collisions

The Canada Safety Council cites four common reasons for workplace injuries -
taking shortcuts, being overconfident, starting a job without all the information needed, and mental distractions.


Collisionfree!™ fleet driver training is not just about improving road safety; it also brings a wide range of benefits to your organization. By implementing our program, you experience:

• Reduce Insurance Costs

• Reduce Down-Time

• Increase Productivity

• Protect Human Resources

• Improve Employee Morale

• Reduce WSIB Costs

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The mission of Collisionfree!™ is to make our roads safer, save lives, and decrease injuries by reducing the number of collisions.

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Collisionfree!™ changes driver behaviour by reducing vehicle crashes. All of our programs are built around this belief. By using our exclusive methods, you can reduce the number of collisions in your fleet.

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We empower your drivers to make safe decisions and prevent collisions. Our modules promote essential skills to anticipate and react to potential hazards on the road. Currently, we offer:

• Defensive Driving

• Dangers of Distracted Driving

• Evasive Maneuvers

• New Technology

• Dealing with Adverse Conditions

• Trailer Training

• Vetting New Employees

• Much More!

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