Young Drivers of Canada Doesn’t Just Teach Young Drivers

Young Drivers of Canada Kenora/Dryden Helps Mature Student To Drive

The name of the company may be a bit deceiving but when it comes to teaching students how to drive, Young Drivers of Canada teaches students of all ages how to drive. Recently, our Young Drivers of Canada Northwest location which covers Kenora and Dryden Ontario received a complimentary letter from a mature student. As an adult student, driver’s education can be a bit daunting, particularily in a classroom where the majority of students may be teens or young adults. At Young Drivers our instructors are trained to the sensitivites that can exist for adult students. Maria understood the client’s needs and went the extra mile to ensure her student was comfortable and confident behind the wheel. Congratulations to Maria Bagdonas who is the owner and operator of the Kenora/Dryden location and her team!

Dear Mr Christianson, I am writing this letter to share my experience with Young Drivers of Canada – Kenora location. 

I have known about your company since my high school days, but never took advantage of the opportunity until recently.  Growing up and working in Toronto meant that it was easy to travel and get around without a car or even driver’s licence.  This gave me some semblance of independence.  However, when my job transferred me to Northwestern Ontario I was left in a panic.  I was now trapped and dependent on others for (free) transportation or be willing to pay hefty sums.  As an adult student, my desire was to do it quickly, safely and benefit from with a reduction in my insurance.  I received all that and more!!

I remember the first time I contacted the office in Kenora.  I was greeted by Maria Bagdonas who was knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating.  I indicated that I was a mature student who had an intense fear of driving and that due to work relocation in Northwestern Ontario it was now necessary for me to have a valid drivers licence.  She assured me that her office would be able to help me.   Even when I had restrictions and unexpected changes to my schedule Maria and Bernie were fabulous in meeting those needs. 

Her teaching ability and insight made a week-long, in-class experience tolerable given that all the other students were high school age.  She kept to the time and made the learning fun.   I was very disappointed when I realized that Maria would not be my in-car teacher.  I had imprinted on her teaching style and liked it!  She assured me that I would be in good hands.  And I was.  But, even though my assigned in-car teacher was just as professional and taught me the basics,  my initial experience was very, very stressful.  The in-car time felt like an eternity and left me feeling spent and frustrated – very nerve racking.   However, as it would turn out, my in-car instructor relocated we begun and I was without a teacher.  Given my time constraints, Maria assured me that I would be taken care without too much interruption to my schedule or progress.  Losing my teacher was to my advantage; Maria became my in-car teacher!!  She quickly assessed that my intense fear was a huge hindrance to my process and tailored a learning program just for me.   Her abilities to use her voice to calm, correct and still instill confidence were instrumental in reducing my anxieties enabling me to grasp the maneuvers with confidence.  Soon, I went from white-knuckled anxiety to where I could stall park with confidence.

I am saying all this to say, Maria and Bernie are real assets to your company’s brand and should be commended for the outstanding job they are doing in Northwestern Ontario. Their help and support were pivotal in me successfully passing my G2 test on my first attempt!!  While the memory will be forever seared in my mind, Maria topped it off with a bouquet of flowers to celebrate the moment.  I will forever be grateful to Maria Bagdonas for helping me achieve this freedom and in overcoming the fear that once held me captive.  Yeah, Maria!!!

I  will gladly recommend Young Drivers of Canada and only hope that your staff in other locations are as professional, accommodating and positive in their support of the student as I have found in your Kenora location.