Young Drivers and Kanetix Discuss Self-Driving Vehicles

Auto Insurer and Driver Educator Weigh In on Self-Driving Vehicles

In a recent article, Young Drivers of Canada’s Peter Christianson had an opportunity to discuss autonomous vehicles with Kanetix, Canada’s source for car insurance. The discussion between these two parties focused in on how self-driving vehicles will affect car insurance and what importance driving skills will play when it comes to the autonomous vehicle.

In the past six years, Google has been testing their self-driving vehicles and have been involved in 14 collisions. The company suggests the collisions were not the fault of any technology, so why did they occur in the first place? Young Drivers of Canada has the answer.

Collisions of Self-Driving Vehicles Lack For Thought

Mr. Christianson suggests that the cause of the collisions Google vehicles lies in the technology’s inability to avoid a collision actively. He further explains that at Young Drivers, students are taught to plan escape routes and check their rear view mirror as a means to be aware of surrounding motorists and their actions. Google vehicles and their existing technology cannot do that. To read the complete article and get more information including the use of driving simulators, telematics and the CollisionFree program offered by Young Drivers of Canada, visit http://www.insblogs.com/auto/autopilot-driver-education-disrupted/6136