Young Drivers and Carpages.ca Discuss Winter Driving

Peter Christianson from Young Drivers of Canada Discusses Winter Driving

Young Drivers of Canada President Peter Christianson had an opportunity to be interviewed by Carpages.ca about winter driving. As the President of Young Drivers of Canada, Mr. Christianson understands that driving in the winter can be challenging but if you have been taught to drive in a preventative manner, those skills just need to be adapted to the winter weather conditions.

According to Young Drivers of Canada, many drivers feel that they can drive the same way in winter as they do in the summer. Drivers need to be aware of roadways covered in snow and ice, which can intensify actions resulting from a driver’s error.

Mr. Christianson has a few suggestions for drivers to keep them safe during this winter driving season.

1. Drivers can steer around a potential problem if their vehicle is equipped to do so. Vehicles should be in good working order, including the tires. Winter tires provide the traction drivers require at low temperatures without question. Tires should also be monitored on a regular basis to ensure they are inflated to the correct pressure.

2. Reduce your speed. Drivers need to recognize that ice and snow covered roads can reduce traction. By reducing a vehicle’s speed, particularly on curved roads, drivers can avoid sliding. Drivers should also adjust their speed when approaching an intersection to avoid sliding through the intersection.

3. Keep space. Space allows drivers to maneuver in the event of a collision. Drivers should always be aware of their escape route and avoid being trapped in-between vehicles.

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