Winnipeg Law Enforcement Gets Tough on Distracted Drivers

Winnipeg Law Enforcement Crack Down on Distracted Drivers

Winnipeg Police  officers, wrote 11 distracted driving tickets in less than an hour as part of a targeted enforcement campaign for Canada Road Safety Week. The local police enforcement unit did not make their campaign secret. They notified the media and let drivers know where they were going to be and still drivers chose to engage in the distracted driving behaviour. The enforcement blitz comes on the heels of an April long campaign that saw 1,300 tickets issued to distracted drivers in just thirty days.

Despite the month-long campaign and the end results clearly indicate that drivers continue to have a strong relationship with their phones while driving. People are refusing to get the message when it comes to distracted driving and cannot put down their devices.

Manitoba Fines For Distracted Drivers Include Demerit Points

In 2015, the Province of Manitoba increased their penalty for distracted driving. The current fine for motorists caught engaging in distracted driving behaviour is $200 and five demerit points. Despite the harsh fine, drivers continue to drive distracted and according to law enforcement, there has not been any significant change in driver behaviour. Police have also confirmed that distracted driving behaviour is not limited to teens and young drivers. Every age group, according to police continues to use their phone while driving.

In addition to targeted blitzes to catch distracted drivers, the Winnipeg Police service have used plain-clothes police to peep inside vehicles to find drivers engaging in the distracted driving behaviour. The spotters walk near traffic and alert uniformed police license plates of drivers who are on their phones or other electronic devices. Police can spot drivers who place their phones in their laps by their body position. The bobbing head is a clear indication of device use.

The Winnipeg Police Service is determined to continue to educate drivers on the perils of distracted driving. If that means continuing to use innovative ways to catch distracted drivers, the police department will continue to find solutions when it comes to distracted drivers.