Why Are You Driving Distracted?

Driving Distracted Continues to be a Problem

Distracted driving continues to be the number one cause of crashes and collisions. The detrimental behaviour drivers continue to exhibit while behind the wheel, and the devasting results have now surpassed even impaired driving. Law enforcement agencies across the country continue to find innovative means to catch distracted drivers, from hearses to cherry pickers. Provincial governments continue to increase the fines associated with distracted driving, including demerit points.

So why do drivers continue to engage in distracted driving behaviour while operating a vehicle? Terry Moore from radio station C-FAX 1070 in Victoria, British Columbia recently called upon Angelo DiCicco from Young Drivers of Canada to comment on why so many drivers continue to drive distracted despite some of the highest fines in British Columbia. To hear the conversation visit, https://soundcloud.com/terry-moore-cfax/june-1-3pm-1 at the 20-minute mark. You may be surprised to hear what Terry and Angelo conclude when it comes to distracted driving behaviour!