Warm Weather Means its Driving Season

Spring and Summer is Driving Season

Canadians are defrosting after another long cold winter. With warmer weather comes more driving. School will be out soon and that means families will be planning road trips, new drivers will be on the roads and there will be more pedestrians on the streets. So what could go wrong?

There are several ways that a driver can attract law enforcement’s attention quickly on the roads. As there are more vehicles on the road, there will be more enforcement to police drivers. If you don’t want to get pulled over, Young Drivers would like to remind all drivers about some valuable tips that will keep law enforcement away from you.

Warm Weather Driving Tips

Tip 1. Speeding is an easy way to have police pull you over. Law enforcement will be out in full force with the radar guns looking for speeders. Drive according to the posted speed limits and even though there is no more snow, wet road conditions, the sun in your eyes and fog can affect your driving. Young Drivers suggests that drivers adjust their speed when conditions change. Posted speed limits are based on ideal road conditions only. Avoid speeding and you will avoid costly fines and demerit points.

2. Use your seatbelt. Canadians refuse to get the message when it comes to seatbelt use. According to law enforcement, not buckling up is the third most ticketed offence in Canada. Drivers seem to miss the message that seatbelts save lives. In the event of a collision, a seatbelt can prevent drivers and passengers being thrown from a vehicle, reducing potential injuries.

3. Running a red light may not be a top law enforcement ticket but it is one of the most dangerous actions a driver can commit. Running a red light has a high risk of collision. Many drivers accelerate through a yellow light not knowing that it can quickly turn into a red. Many municipalities have installed red light cameras that can catch drivers running red lights and issue fines accordingly.

4. Making an improper turn will get you in hot water. Turning from a wrong lane can be dangerous and will get you a ticket. Drivers need to respect turning lanes. Most drivers tend to disregard No-UTurn signs. They are there for a reason and law enforcement is watching.

5. Next to impaired driving, distracted driving is now the most ticketed offence. Drivers continue to use their electronic devices while driving but this is not the only distraction drivers engage in while driving. Drivers continue to eat, play with the entertainment systems, talk to passengers and cater to their backseat passengers while driving. There is no excuse for drivers to continue to engage in distracted actions while driving.

The warm weather is a great way for Canadians to see the there beautiful country. The goal of every driver should be to avoid engaging with law enforcement by following the tips from Young Drivers!