U.K. Study Reveals What Behaviours Irritate Drivers

What Causes You to Be Irritated on the Road?

The roadways continue to get busier and busier, resulting in more traffic, less patience and more stress. Drivers can become easily distracted by surrounding drivers, technology in vehicles, passengers and more.

In the U.K. there are several habits that annoy and distract drivers. In a recent survey, the following actions have been identified by drivers as the top habits that can be annoying and distract drivers.

According to the results of the AA survey, speeders can be distracting. The U.K. poll suggested that the greatest offenders when it comes to speed are the 45-64 drivers. The survey also revealed that over eighty-nine percent of drivers across all age ranges admitted to speeding.

Distracted Driving Can Irritate Other Drivers

Drivers who slam on their brakes are particularly common, especially when drivers continue to engage in distracted behaviours while operating a vehicle. According to the survey results, eighty-seven percent of drivers 25-34 admitting to braking sharply, perhaps as a result of being distracted.

Many drivers admitted to eating while behind the wheel. The survey revealed that forty-nine percent of the polled drivers admitted to eating or drinking while behind the wheel. The results of the study showed that drivers in the age category of 25-34 were the worst offenders when it came to drinking and eating while driving.

Drivers who tailgate other drivers also cause a distraction. Tailgating can cause drivers to become irritated and can lead to road rage. The worst groups who tailgate according to the survey results are 18-24-year-olds and those between the ages of 25-34. Of the respondents in the survey, fifty-seven percent admitted to tailgating other drivers

Drivers around the world continue to engage in distracted behaviour that can result in a crash or collision. The survey revealed that drivers freely admit to speeding, tailgating and engaging in actions that can create a dangerous situation for them and other motorists and pedestrians. To read more about this survey, visit http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/lifestyle/motoring/driving-distraction-uks-worst-habits-8263907#sH9X3ZoJ4i8apu73.99