Tips To Enjoy the Olympics in Rio

Tips for Travelling to Rio to See the Olympics

August 5, 2016, marks the beginning of the 2016 Rio Olympics. For many, the next sixteen days will mean watching some of the world’s most elite athletes compete on the world stage. For those lucky enough to enjoy the Olympics in Rio di Janeiro, in person, Young Drivers of Canada would like to share some non-driving tips that will make your visit to the 2016 Olympics safe and enjoyable.

1. Zika Virus. As a tourist, you need to ensure that you take preventative measures. The World Health Organization continues to provide bulletins on the status of Zika and Rio. Ensure that you take the necessary precautions as you travel to the Olympic games.

2. Plan your route. As in any foreign country, you need to become acquainted with the area before your get there. The internet is a great resource to find out about attractions, dining, and the Olympic venues. Google maps is a great tool for tourists to plan their  Olympic experience. Don’t be a distracted pedestrian. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

3. Learn how to speak Portuguese. Brazil’s primary language is Portuguese. Try to learn so of the few key phrases that will get you around or out of a jam. There will be some English speaking people around and fellow tourists, but some key phrases in Portuguese can help you to stay safe.

4. Embrace the culture. Be respectful of your host country. Dress appropriately as not to offend the locals. Bathing suits and beachwear should be kept on the beach. Don’t stick out like a sore thumb. It is better to blend in like a local for safety reasons.

5. Protect your valuables. Don’t take your jewellery case with you to Rio. Purchase an inexpensive watch and keep the fancy one at home. Use your safety deposit box at your hotel to lock up your electronic gadgets and cameras. Avoid flashing any of your electronics in public. Shiny objects are an easy target for thieves.

The 2016 Olympics are an opportunity to be a part of a unique experience. Young Drivers of Canada would like to remind visitors to Rio to be safe and enjoy the games!