Tips for Driving In Sudden Rain Storms

Summer Driving Means Sudden Rain Storms

It has been a relatively drive summer in most parts of Canada but occasionally drivers have been caught off guard by a torrential blast of rain. During these times, streets can become extremely slippery and can result in a collision.

Young Drivers of Canada would like to suggest the following tips for drivers who may be caught in a sudden downpour of rain.

1. Collisions can increase when roads become wet, and driving do not reduce their speed to accommodate the conditions. Visibility is reduced during downpours and drivers can react to unexpected situations if they slow down.

2. Drivers should ensure that their full headlights are working and turned on. During heavy rain, it is important for vehicles to be seen.

3. Ensure vehicle tires are in good working order and properly inflated. Tire tread should not be bald. Proper tire tread can avoid a car from hydroplaning.

4. Do not use cruise control while driving in the rain. Cruise control can result in unnecessary skidding and hydroplaning.

5. Use common sense. Many drivers forget their driving skills. Drivers should avoid any distractions and focus on the road.

Rain is an essential part of the summer growing season for local farmers. Young Drivers of Canada encourages drivers to remember their driving skills during sudden rainstorms. Rain is critical to our economy, our gardens, our foodchain and our wellbeing.