Tips to Avoid Driving with Road Rage

Have You Experienced Road Rage?

It’s summer, and it’s hot. The roads are busy with regular commuters and road trip drivers. Everyone wants to get to their destination quickly. These conditions are ideal for that one driver who decides to cut off another driver at the last minute, without checking their blinds spot or signalling. What do you do? Most of us most likely mutter something we won’t mention. Other drivers may take it to the next level, road rage.

There are many drivers out there who run red lights, tailgate, honk their horns and of course give other drivers the one-finger salute. These are the actions of road rage drivers. Escalated road rage behaviour can result in collisions or even physical fights between drivers and can lead to a criminal charge. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the profile of an aggressive driver is a young male, usually uneducated, between the ages of sixteen to twenty-six.

So how can drivers avoid becoming made while behind the wheel? Young Drivers of Canada would like to suggest the following tips to ensure motorists avoid becoming road rage monsters.

Tips From Young Drivers to Avoid Road Rage

1. Keep your emotions in check when driving. If you are having an emotional situation such as an argument with your significant other, avoid getting behind the wheel until you resolve your issue.

2. No driver is perfect. Sometimes a driver will do something that they may not be aware of that has caused another driver to become angry. As an example, they may pull into traffic with the honest intention of getting into the flow and don’t realize that it takes longer than they thought. If you prepare yourself to accept driver mistakes, they won’t affect you as much emotionally.

3. Don’t get upset about traffic, it’s a fact of driving life. Collisions, more motorists on the road and weather conditions all play a role in traffic flow. Don’t get mad, relax and understand that you will be late.

4. Avoid angry motorists. If someone cuts you off or gives you the finger, don’t seek revenge, it’s not worth your safety or the safety of other drivers.

5. Avoid using your horn unless it is necessary. Honking while stuck in traffic won’t get you any further.

6. If a road rage driver attempts to follow you, drive to the nearest police station.

7. Don’t be afraid to report an aggressive driver to law enforcement.

8. Never leave your vehicle to confront an aggressive driver when traffic has stopped. YouTube is filled with videos that show the consequences of drivers engaged in physical altercations.

9. Avoid being distracted at the wheel. Your fellow drivers may not appreciate you texting while driving or impeding traffic while your have your head down updating your social media status.

10. Use your lights, signals and check your blind spot to indicate your intentions and avoid cutting off fellow drivers.

Road rage can be easily defused if drivers take the necessary steps to be patient and understanding while driving. Life is too short to be angry while driving!