Teens Don’t Ruin Your Prom

Alcohol Could Ruin Your Prom and Life

It’s prom season and that means teens are planning their special night including the gowns, the tux and of course, the parties after the prom. For many prom goers, there will be alcohol involved. Young Drivers of Canada wants to remind teens not to drink and drive.

While spring and prom may be a very good time for teen celebrations including graduations and prom, it can also be potentially a dangerous time for teens. According to a survey conducted by Liberty Mutual, 20% of the teen respondents believed that being on the road on prom nights was dangerous. Unfortunately according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately one thousand teens under the age of twenty-one will die in preventable collisions while celebrating their high school prom.

Drugs and Alcohol and Prom

For many teens, prom night equates to party night that involves alcohol and drugs. A study by AAA, surveyed teens between 16-19 and found that thirty-one percent would use alcohol or drugs during prom season. The study also revealed that approximately fifty-three percent of teens who admitted to consuming alcohol during prom said they drank four or more alcoholic beverages. What was most concerning however was that nineteen percent of teen got into a vehicle where they knew the driver had consumed alcohol rather than calling their parents to pick them up.

Young Drivers of Canada would like to remind parents to let their kids know that it is okay to ask for help in a situation that may be dangerous or uncomfortable involving drugs, alcohol and driving.  In the spirit of prom season, Young Drivers of Canada would like to remind prom goers and parents of some simple tips to keep everyone safe during this particular prom season.

Prom Tips To Keep Teens Safe During Prom Season

There are a few precautions that parents can initiate to keep their teen prom goer safe:

1. Let your teen’s tell you their plans for prom. Parents should know how they plan on arriving and departing from prom. Parents should let their teens know that they will be on call as a designated driver if required.

2. Have the talk with your teens. Let them know that drinking and driving can have fatal consequences.

3. Find out the details of your teen’s prom and any parties they plan on attending. Ask if there will be alcohol. It is better to know than to have your teens deny the obvious.

4. As a parent, do not serve any alcohol at a party you are hosting. Not only is it against the law to serve alcohol to minors, but parents can also be held liable in the event of a situation that results in a collision or fatality.

5. Remind your teens that prom is a time to celebrate their accomplishments and move to the next chapter of their lives. Alcohol and drugs don’t need to be a part of the celebration.

Young Drivers of Canada continues to remind teens to avoid alcohol and say no to drinking and driving. Driving is a privilege for life and should not be wasted by a few drinks.