Students in York Region Part of Mock Trauma Exercise

York Region Mock Trauma Exercise Educates Students

York Region is on a spree, and it’s not a good one. In thirty days, police charged 139 motorists with impaired driving. Despite indications that impaired driving is down in the province, motorists in York Region appear not to be getting the message

Students from York Region were recently involved in a mock trauma scene that involved a multi-vehicle collision. The event, part of York Region’s PARTY program was held at the Central York Fire Services training centre in Newmarket, Ontario. The mock trauma involved three vehicles, including a motorcycle that had crashed into another car. Students heard the 911 calls over a speaker to set the scene. The motorcyclist’s body had landed on the hood of one of a grey vehicle. Smoke was rising from this car where the rider’s body lay. The event was designed to showcase the ramifications of speed, impaired driving and distracted driving.

First responders including law enforcement from York region wanted to show the students what happens in a trauma involving vehicles, alcohol, motorcycles and speed. The goal of the event was to educate students who will soon be driving or are already driving the consequences of impaired driving, speed and distractions.

Mock Trauma Showcases Real Consequences of Impaired, Distracted Driving

The stage was set. The motorcycle driver was speeding through the town. The driver of the grey vehicle still had alcohol in her body from a party the night before. Two pedestrians were walking on the sidewalk, texting and talking, unaware of their surroundings when they were hit by a vehicle that had swerved to avoid the crash that had occurred.

The scene was quite graphic, exemplative of a true trauma scene. Blood and debris made the scene quite real. Paramedics arrived with sirens blazing. The exercise was a training one for emergency workers. At the end of the 45-minute training, several participants were placed into ambulances, the driver of the grey car given a breath test and arrested and two bodies was covered in white sheets, including the motorcyclist.

The annual program is held annually right before the Victoria Day long weekend. The goal of the event is to show students what it is to live with trauma so that they may think twice before they engage in the reckless driving behaviour. As the unofficial kickoff to the summer, motorists will be travelling on the roads, including students and their families. It is important to remind all drivers about the implications of impaired, dangerous and distracted driving. In 2014, York Region Police charged over 4,500 drivers with distracted driving.

The goal of the event is to remind students to reassess their actions and realize the consequences of texting and driving, speed and impaired driving! Let’s hope the message gets through.