State Farm’s Canadian Driving Survey is Revealing

Driving Survey Reveals Canadian Opinion On Fellow Drivers

In it’s recent survey on Canadian driving habits, State Farm revealed that one in three Canadian drivers have engaged in road rage type behaviours. The survey revealed that drivers will get angry at other drivers if they are tailgated, cut off or exposed to another driver’s distractions such as eating or drinking while driving.

Today’s drivers have become disrespectful to each other. Experts cite a variety of potential reasons why drivers have become so intolerant of each other while driving. The reasons are not an excuse for bad driving but can shed light as to what is happening on today’s roads. Some possible explanations for bad driving may include;

1. No time. Today’s population is stressed for time. With full schedules including work, children, after school activities and sports, drivers have become full-time road warriors. Drivers have increased their time on the road as a result of busy schedules, becoming tired and impatient while behind the wheel.

2. Increased number of motorists on the road. As the population continues to move to the suburbs, vehicles on the road continue to rise, leaving less space for drivers. Every driver is jockeying for a position on the road. Drivers feel the need to protect their space and in doing so, fail to give the right of way to others, speed through red lights and even cut off other drivers to make sure they are ahead.

3. No consequences. We live in a society where there appear to be fewer and fewer consequences as a result of our actions. As an example, social media has opened a whole new world regarding the lack of consequences. People can say what they want to anyone without significant consequences. Being anonymous, hiding behind a potentially fake profile has allowed individuals to bully and abuse others. When drivers engage in road rage, they do so knowing that most likely they will not face any consequences. After all, who will see them gesturing to another driver or cut another driver off in their lane?

Specific Driver Behaviour Revealed In Driving Survey

The State Farm Research highlighted that drivers are particularly upset by the actions of other drivers who tailgate, are distracted behind the wheel, cut other drivers off, park their vehicles over two spots and even drive with their pets on their laps. Not only are all of the actions noted distractions, they can result in crashes and even fatalities.

In a recent Macleans article, Angelo DiCicco from Young Drivers of Canada suggested that drivers need to,

“learn “traffic emotions management” and to see “good driving” redefined: “It isn’t just vehicle dynamics—lane change, parking, motor skills. It’s mastering the psychology of driving, of realizing more drivers are taking up a finite amount of space and you need to look out for your neighbour and keep space for the other driver who makes a mistake; then you can graciously allow them the space in front of you or move up quickly so they don’t rear-end you.”

The State Farm research confirmed Mr. DiCicco’s statement, revealing that the respondents thought being courteous was a good driving habit. To see the complete State Farm findings, visit http://stream1.newswire.ca/media/2015/07/14/20150714_C4860_PDF_EN_444662.pdf