School’s out! And so are the children…

Another school year has come and gone and with that comes a flood of children, free of homework who are ready to soak up some sun and spend their days out and about in the neighbourhood. What does this mean? Well, it means that we are more likely to notice more people out and about longer than usual since the sun sets much later AND more importantly, it means that our attention to our surroundings while driving must be our top priority. Now, all of the responsibility cannot be put on drivers alone, but it is also up to parents to properly educate their children about how to stay safe while enjoying the outdoors all summer long. Luckily, we have a quick refresher for both parties to ensure that everyone is well prepared for the summer days ahead.

For Parents: 

  1. Be sure to teach your children to only cross the road at intersections with marked crosswalks or pedestrian crossing lights. 
  2. Make sure they remember to stop, look both ways and listen before crossing.
  3. Teach them to make eye contact with the driver before crossing the road – signals or no signals. 
  4. Remind them to always WALK while they are crossing.
  5. Have them avoid walking through parking lots. Drivers may not see them as they cross through parked vehicles and children may not notice whether or not the cars are moving. 
  6. Remind them to avoid playing around vehicles, and to keep a close eye out for vehicles that are backing up. 

For Drivers: 

  1. Be extra alert and cautious in residential areas.
  2. Obey all traffic laws. Pay attention to your speed and slow down if you notice children near the road or crossing. Always come to a full stop at intersections.
  3. Don’t make sudden manoeuvres that others are not expecting, especially children. 
  4. Be vigilant of  your surroundings. Children may cross the street at the wrong place or run in front of you suddenly.
  5. Check your surroundings before backing out of a parking space or your driveway..
  6. Steer clear of distractions. This includes eating, drinking, mobile devices and anything else that can take your focus off the road for even 1 second.
  7. Remember that pedestrians have the right of way – yield to them!

Stay safe and enjoy your summer break!