School Zones and Distracted Driving Are a Dangerous Combination

Avoid Distracted Driving in School Zones

Back to school means that vehicles and pedestrians are sharing the road again after several months of summer break. School zones, empty for the summer months are now busy with children, school buses and of course pedestrians. Pedestrians and drivers must be aware of their surroundings as they share the road.

The bulk of responsibility lies with drivers of vehicles in school zones. The onus is on motorists to ensure they operate their vehicles in a law abiding and safe manner. Drivers need to be aware that the responsibility in school zones lies with them even though students and pedestrians may engage in reckless behaviours.  Drivers need to be prepared for any situation, including stopping for school buses.

Distractions Need to be Avoided in School Zones

The potential of a collision in a school zone is high. The conditions are ideal for pedestrians and vehicles to collide. Youth in school zones are small in size, are anxious regarding behaviour and may not realize the consequences of darting out in front of a vehicle. It is a driver that needs to be aware of the potential hazard.

New drivers need to be more aware of school zones as they last the experience of driving and will not be prepared for what they may encounter in a school zone. New drivers need to be aware of stop signs, double parked vehicles and buses letting off passengers. Each of these elements can put a new driver and even an experienced driver at risk for a collision.

Cell Phones and School Zones are a Deadly Mix

In most provinces across Canada, cell phone use is against the law. Despite continued driver awareness campaigns, drivers continue to use their phones while driving. School zones are not an area that drivers should give into mobile phone temptation. With all the other distractions occurring in a school zone, there is no room for a distraction from cell phone use. Drivers in school zones need to focus on the road and its surroundings and not in on distractions. A quick moment of inattention can have severe if not deadly consequences.

Young Drivers of Canada encourages drivers to pay attention to their surroundings especially in school, zones. It is the responsibility of all drivers, new and seasoned drivers to work together to ensure everyone is safe in a school zone.