Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve From Young Drivers of Canada

Stay Safe this New Year’s Eve with Young Drivers of Canada

With a New Year just around the corner, Young Drivers of Canada would like to remind all Canadians that drinking and driving are not options this holiday season. Every driver should plan ahead to ensure that they drive sober this New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Drivers should plan ahead to ensure a safe and sober ride home from New Year’s festivities.

Young Drivers has some tips for Canadians who are hosting a party at home or attending a New Year’s event to ensure that guests and party revelers remain sober.

Party-Goers should:
1. Arrange for a designated driver in advance to ensure this person knows the responsibility to get friends and family home safe.
2. Use public transit. Many cities across Canada will be offering free rides to users of their transit systems on New Year’s Eve.
3. Leave the driving to a cab or ride share driver who is employed to get you home safely.
4. Spend the night at your host’s home. Everyone needs an extra hand to clean up, for a little elbow grease you can avoid the roads altogether.

When hosting a party, Canadians take on the responsibility to ensure their guests are not intoxicated. For those planning on hosting a party, Young Drivers of Canada suggests the following tips that will keep everyone safe:

1. Limit your guest’s alcohol consumption by servicing the drinks yourself or hire someone who understands the importance of preventing your guests from becoming intoxicated.
2. Have a taxis service or ride share available for your guests.
3.  Make the necessary preparations to allow your guests to spend the night.
4.  Stop the service of alcohol if you see your guests becoming intoxicated.

Whether you are a public or a private establishment (inclusive of a home), you have a legal liability when it comes to the prevention of overserving your guests. As a party host, you take on the responsibility to ensure that your guests do not leave your home intoxicated and drive impaired. The same holds true for any public establishment.

New Year’s is a great opportunity to celebrate and plan the future. Don’t let a jail cell or tragedy be part of that future. Young Drivers of Canada believes there is no excuse for being an impaired driver. From our Young Drivers family to yours, Happy New Year!