Safe Driving Tips for Canada Day!

Safe Driving Tips For A Great Canada Day

Canada Day is a great day to celebrate all things Canadian. From Beaver tails to visiting Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canadians will be celebrating the best of being Canadian on July 1, 2018. For many Canadians, that will mean driving to visit family, enjoy fireworks or being the first road trip of the summer. In all the excitement of the day, Young Drivers of Canada is reminding drivers and motorists to be extra cautious this Canada Day holiday when traveling on the roadways. There are several safe driving tips that drivers should follow when on the roads this Canada Day!

Tips For Safe Travel On Canada Day

Young Drivers of Canada suggests the following tips to keep all motorists safe on Canada Day!

1. Before heading out on a road trip, ensure that your vehicle can make the trip. Make sure that your vehicle is checked by a mechanic before you depart. Top up all fluids and ensure that your windshield wipers are in good condition in the event of rain.

2. Fill your gas tank. The roads will be busy, and most likely you will be stuck in traffic. Avoid the additional stress of a low gas tank or having to fill up along the way with everyone else!

3. Plan your route. Know where you are going and how long it will take you. Let family and friends know about your travel plans in the event you may run into a problem.

4. Use your seat belt. It’s the law and it will protect you and your passengers in the event of a collision. If traveling with pets, ensure they are also buckled in or crated.

5. If traveling with children, keep them busy. Bring games, books, videos and snacks to keep your children occupied. Keep everyone, including the driver hydrated.

6. Leave space. Space allows a driver to be able to react to an unexpected situation that can occur on the road. Avoid tailgating and sudden lane changes.

7. Do not drink and drive.

8. Avoid being distracted behind the wheel. To avoid temptation, put your cell phone in the truck and only use it at rest stops when you are not driving. Let friends and family know that you won’t be answering calls or texts while driving.

9. Don’t forget to sing Oh Canada! in homage to one of the best countries there is to live in!

Young Drivers of Canada would like to wish all Canadians a very safe driving Canada Day!