Rumour Has It Google and Ford Partner to Build Self-driving Vehicles

Will Google and Ford Team Up to Manufacturer Autonomous Vehicles?

According to Yahoo Autos, Google and Ford have partnered together in a joint venture that will see the automotive manufacturer and the technology giant combine their abilities to build self-driving vehicles. The partnership, which will be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016 will see Ford benefit tremendously from Google’s self-driving software. The car manufacturer has been involved in the development of its self-driving technology and by partnering with Google will receive the technology benefit of 1.3 million miles driven by Google’s existing autonomous vehicles.

Google will, in turn, avoid having to build its automotive manufacturing facilities. Google has been proactive in its desire to find manufacturing partners that will use its self-driving technology system. The full details of the partnership have not been revealed, but Ford will run the venture with Google as a completely separate entity from its main operation to protect the automaker from the potential liability of autonomous vehicles. The liability concern of who will be responsible for collisions involving self-driving vehicles has been a major stumbling block when it comes to putting autonomous vehicles on the road. This year, Volvo has confirmed that it would take responsibility for collisions involving their autonomous vehicles.

Google and Ford Unite for Autonomous Production

Both companies have declined to comment on the partnership, but Google already has an established relationship with Ford inclusive of management and employees who have worked for Ford. Ford’s former chief executive Alan Mulally recently joined Google’s board.

The partnership is exciting news for the parties involved. The ultimate success of autonomous vehicles, however, will be how motorists embrace the technology. As Canada’s driver educator, Young Drivers of Canada suggests that there will be early adopters of autonomous vehicles. The ultimate success of these vehicles, however, will be whether drivers give up their control when it comes to driving? The future will soon tell us!