Pokemon Go App Is Distracting

Pokémon Go Is the  New Distracted Driving App

It’s the latest craze hitting social media, the Pokemon Go App. If you haven’t heard of the latest augmented-reality App, then don’t read any further as we don’t want you to get distracted. The App allows you to find and capture Pokemon creatures that could pop up on your desk, beside you, while you are sight seeing and of course, while you are driving.

Not only is this App becoming a distraction for drivers, but pedestrians are also becoming distracted while walking, using their phones as a guide to the next Pokemon pop up. The App has taken social media by storm with employers quickly reacting issuing warnings to their employees to put their phones down during work time. Most recently, law enforcement has also issued warnings to the public with reports of individuals being lured into areas in search of the fun creature only to be met by unsavoury people who are interested in robbing game players.

Pokemon Go App Obsession

People are also obsessed with the game and are playing Pokemon Go while driving, leading to distracted driving. To add insult to injury, drivers are then Instagramming and Tweeting about it. This App is only contributing to another distracted behaviour that drivers seem to engage in while operating a vehicle. Young Drivers of Canada would like to remind motorists to leave their Pokemon characters in the truck and enjoy the pleasure of driving!