The Long Lens of the Law

Could that Lens be Any Longer?

Well no, it’s just the right length to catch distracted drivers in the act! As the first long weekend of the year approaches, the RCMP is gearing up for the annual blitz on dangerous driving with a new tool, a scope that has long-range capability enabling law enforcement to see you before you see them.

As the May long weekend approaches, so does the RCMP’s annual crackdown on dangerous driving. And this year, Mounties are armed with a new tool — a scope with long-range abilities to help put a stop to drivers who are putting lives at risk. The implementation of this new method of seeing drivers engaging in distracted behaviours comes after the B.C. government recently announced changes to the penalties levied on distracted drivers. As of June 1, 2016, distracted driving fines for first-time offenders will increase to $543. ICBC will also penalize drivers who receive penalty points on their driving records resulting from distracted driving. If a driver collects more than three points in a 12 month period, ICBC will charge a Driver Penalty Point (DPP) premium. Drivers who incur a second distracted driving ticket within a 12 month period will be required to pay an additional $368, resulting in a total penalty of $888. If a third offence is incurred by a driver, the fines and penalties will surpass $3,000.

RCMP Hopes To Catch Driver Bad Behaviour From Afar

The RCMP traffic service division hopes that the long lens initiative will help to deter drivers from distracted behaviour while operating a motor vehicle. According to 2014 statistics, sixty-six people were killed as a result of distracted driving behaviour. The long lens will also assist the RCMP to identify drivers who are not wearing a seat belt, who speed or drive aggressively and who are impaired while driving.