Leave the Driver Education to the Professionals

Parents, Let the Professionals Teach Your Kids to Drive

Most parents will jump at the chance to teach their teens how to drive. After all, isn’t it a rite of passage to have dad or mom teach their son or daughter how to drive? Although this sounds like a good idea, there are several reasons Young Drivers of Canada suggests to keep the driver education to the professionals.

1. Driver education teaches students who have little or no experience to drive in a professional and safe manner. Parents may pass on their bad driving habits to their teens without even realizing they are doing it.

2. Parents can create anxiety for their children when they attempt to teach them how to drive. Parents do not follow a particular course of instruction when teaching their children to drive. A driver educator takes a student through a particular pattern of instruction, building confidences and skills with each level of the process.

3. Driver education creates a sense of responsibility. Driver educators teach their students the responsibility that comes with learning to drive and sharing the roads with other motorists.

When it comes to your children driving, enrol them in a driver education program. Mark Richardson from the Wheels section of the Toronto Star agrees that driver education should be left to the professionals. Follow his son Andrew’s story as he learns how to drive at http://www.thestar.com/autos/2016/04/22/leave-driver-training-to-the-professionals.html