Law Enforcement Reaching New Heights to Catch Distracted Drivers

Distracted Drivers Caught From High Above

Distracted driving continues to dominate any conversation when it comes to news headlines. There is a reason for this news domination – distracted driving continues to be the leading cause of collisions and fatalities on today’s roadways. In British Columbia, the news outlet’s were recently on fire over a female driver who received fourteen tickets for distracted driving offences. People were enraged, questioning how this was even possible. Well, it was possible in British Columbia, and now law enforcement is fighting back.

West Vancouver Police and the RCMP in North Vancouver recently teamed up to help the distracted driving in Vancouver. The secret weapon these law enforcement agencies turned to was a good old fashioned cherry picker. After all, you can see more from above than down below!

Cherry Pickers The New Distracted Driving Deterrent?

The cherry picker will be used to spot drivers who choose to drive distracted. This new approach should detect drivers who are trying to hide their cell phones by keeping it in their laps or out of sight. Recently, Ottawa police have also gone to greater heights to spot distracted drivers. Using an undercover Ford F-250 pickup, Ottawa law enforcement can rise above most drivers to get a better look at what drivers are doing inside their vehicle.

Across Canada, provinces such as Ontario and Quebec are increasing their fines and demerit points for drivers who are caught with an electronic device in their hands while driving. Distracted driving includes motorists who use hand-held devices such as smartphones, cell phones, laptops, tablets and even GPS systems but is not just limited to technology. Drivers can be fined for behaviours that result in erratic control of a vehicle while in motion. This includes eating or drinking while driving, talking to passengers or reaching into the back seat to retrieve an item.

Despite continued law enforcement, motorists are still not getting the message when it comes to the severity of texting or talking on their phones while driving. Distracted driving continues to be the number one factor in road fatalities, taking over the spot from drinking and driving.