Langley Police Issue Fines for Distracted Driving

Drivers Continue to be Distracted in Langley, British Columbia

On September 1, 2016, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia launched a month-long campaign targeting distracted drivers in the province. Within one day, local police in Langley wrote over one hundred tickets to drivers who engaged in distracted driving behaviours. Officers from the Mainland Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU) set up an operation targeting distracted drivers in the Fraser Highway and 200 Street area to watch drivers and their behaviour while behind the wheel. The law enforcement agency observed drivers who came to a stop at the intersection and what they found was quite interesting.

Many drivers were surprised to receive a ticket while using their phones while they were stopped at an intersection. Law enforcement heard all kinds of excuses as to why the phone was in their hands. When questioned, many of the drivers who were fined could not understand how checking their texts or holding the phone while using the speak phone on it was considered to be a distracted behaviour.

Langley Drivers are not taking Distracted Driving Seriously

In British Columbia the law governing distracted driving is clear. Anytime a driver holds their device and looks at that device, taking their eyes off the road, the driver is using the device and is subject to a $368 fine under British Columbia’s Motor Vehicle Act.

Law enforcement agencies across Canada continue to experience the same driver behaviour as those exhibited in British Columbia. Drivers are in denial when it comes to distracted driving. Roads across Canada are busy in every city. Drivers who take their eyes off the road even for a second increase their chance of a crash or collision.

In British Columbia, the graduated license seven drivers who require displaying an “L” or “N” on their vehicle are prohibited from using any device while driving, including a GPS or a hands-free device. Young Drivers of Canada would like to remind drivers in British Columbia that driving while distracted by technology, passengers, eating or drinking or by pets and not focussing on the road, even for a split second, can have fatal consequences. Don’t engage in distracted driving behaviours. It’s not worth it!