Kia Motors Showcases Their Autonomous Vehicle at CES

Kia Motors Plans to Roll-Out Autonomous Vehicles by 2030

The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas saw an increased focus on autonomous vehicle technology. The major automotive manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Audi, continued to showcase their autonomous vehicle technology but new to the autonomous vehicle technology scene was Kia. The company announced that it hopes to have fully autonomous vehicles on the road by 2030.

Branding their autonomous vehicle the “Drive Wise”, Kia’s autonomous vehicles will include technologies such as hands-off cruise control and a new lane control systems that will react to the roadway surroundings. Kia’s Drive Wise brand is also scheduled to provide advanced safety features that will alleviate the boredom of long journeys, enabling drivers to interact with their vehicles in a new and different way.

Kia Motors Autonomous Technology Will Continue to Evolve

Kia’s Drive Wise autonomous technology will also feature programs that will turn the vehicle off if a driver happens to fall asleep at the wheel, a fingerprint recognition system that will identify the driver and load their car preferences when they start the vehicle and more features. Kia was recently licensed by the State of Nevada to test autonomous vehicles on the road. The company is currently running a hands-free Soul on the road as the next step in bringing autonomous technology to the consumer market.

Autonomous vehicle technology continues to dominate the headlines and will continue to be the focus of technology shows such as CES. The concern however when it comes to autonomous technology is how drivers will adapt to the technology. Will drivers be comfortable giving up the control of their vehicles and allow technology to navigate the roads? Some drivers may say yes but in reality, many drivers enjoy the privilege of driving. 2030 is a long way away, let’s wait and see!