It’s Canada Road Safety Week

anada Road Safety Week Educates Drivers

A national campaign aimed to make Canada’s roads the safest was launched on Tuesday as part of Canada Road Safety Week. The week-long event is designed to educate the public across Canada about safe driving practices. Many law enforcement agencies including local police and provincial agencies will be cracking down on the big “4 killers”, the main four areas that are present in the majority of fatal collisions. These four killers include distracted drivers, aggressive drivers, impaired drivers and drivers who don’t use their seatbelts.
The week-long initiative is aimed to may the public aware of safe driving practices and enforcement agencies across Canada have been invited to participate. The ultimate goal is to save lives and reduce injuries on roadways. Many fatalities and injuries are preventable and law enforcement wants drivers to be aware of the actions that can be corrected.

All Drivers Can Make Roads Safe

As the summer season kicks off with the first long weekend, drivers will be reminded of safe driving practices. Law enforcement will be looking for drivers who exhibit distracted driving behaviours, drive aggressively and speed and drivers who choose not to wear their seatbelts. With warmer weather conditions, police will also be monitoring motorcyclists. In the last ten years, there have been over 250 motorcycle rider deaths resulting in collisions investigated by the OPP.

Injuries and deaths on Canada’s roadways have a large impact on individuals and families in our communities. The goal of the week-long event is to make drivers aware and part of the solution when it comes to road safety and preventable deaths. We can all contribute in keeping Canada’s roads safe.

Young Drivers of Canada would like to remind drivers this weekend to

1. Put away their phones.
2. Monitor their speed.
3. Use seatbelts; they can save you in the event of a collision.
4. Be courteous to other drivers and exercise patience.

Let’s all become part of the solution and do our part to make Canada’s the safest in the world!