How To Fix Distracted Driving

The Fix to Distracted Driving is You!

In a recent news story, Canadians in conjunction with Global News weighed in on how they would fix Canada’s driving problem, distracted driving. According to the news piece, in some parts of Canada, distracted driving kills more people than impaired driving.  So what do Canadians think is the solution? The standard answer lies in penalties for distracted driving. Most participants in the news piece believe that Canadian penalties for distracted driving are not strong enough.

This week transport ministers met in Toronto to discuss how to tackle distracted driving. Criminalizing distracted driving  was on the table for discussion but what Global viewers suggest may support what the government is proposing.

Global News Viewers Suggest Solutions to Distracted Driving

Most respondents to Global’s request for comment suggested that Canadians across the country think that the fines and penalties for distracted driving are not enough. Some viewers went as far as to say that current penalties are laughable. Others were much more cut throat suggesting that distracted motorists who cause a fatality should be jailed for 20 years. This strong response by Global viewers indicates that Canadians are fed up with drivers who continue to engage in distracted behaviours while driving.

Canadians also feel that cell phone manufacturers should take some responsibility. Many believe that mobile manufacturers should step up and create the technology that would impede the use of cell phones while a vehicle is in motion. Some participants suggested cell phone jammers while others looked to a particular technology which would disengage the phone while it was on the move.

The solutions suggested are great but Young Drivers of Canada has the answer that no one wants to hear. Put your phone away. Turn it off and lock it in the truck if you continue to be tempted. If it out of sight, it will be out of mind. After all, there was a time when cell phones were not part of the driving experience, and we survived!

To see the Global News piece, visit http://globalnews.ca/news/2967328/distracted-driving-in-canada-heres-how-you-would-fix-it/