Easy Access to Technology Can Increase Distracted Driving

Inexpensive Technology Adds to Distracted Driving

As a result of technology and the affordability of that technology, eighty-five percent of Canadian households own at least one cell phone. With this in mind, the cellphone has also become commonplace in vehicles, resulting in some of the most startling statistics when it comes to distracted driving.

In Canada and across North America, drivers who engage in distracted behaviours while operating a motor vehicle as more likely to be involved in a collision or near collision compared to non-distracted drivers. Statistics show that:

– drivers who text while driving are twenty-three times more liable to participate in a crash.
– drivers who talk on a cell phone are four-five times more likely to be in a collision.
– dialing a cell phone while driving can increase a driver’s chances of being involved in a collision by three times.
– talking or listening on a cell phone while driving can increase a driver’s chances of being involved in a crash by 1.3 times.
Each of the noted above tasks prevents drivers from focusing on the primary task of driving which requires a driver’s full attention.

Teens Using Technology Are Distracted Behind the Wheel

Today, teen driver crashes are the leading cause of death and permanent injury in Canada. Accounting to the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, there are more males fatally injured drivers in the age category of 16-19 than females as a result of distracted driving. Additional alarming statistics with respect to teens and distracted driving include:

1. According to the Ontario Student Drug and Health Survey, 2013, forty-three percent of drivers in grade 12 admit to texting behind the wheel.
2. Twenty-three percent of teens reported being a passenger in a vehicle with a parent who was texting while driving.
3. Thirty-seven percent of teens reported being a passenger in a car with a parent who was talking on a cellphone.

The cited statistics reveal that teens follow the lead of their parents. Young Drivers of Canada suggests that everyone needs to take an active role in preventing distracted driving. As a driver, Young Drivers suggests that you put your cell phones away to avoid any temptation to respond to texts and calls while driving. As a passenger, it is important to remind the driver to focus on driving and the safety of all occupants of the vehicle. With these simple reminders, distracted driving statistics can be eliminated. Help to promote safe driving in your family!