Dump Trucks Catch Distracted Drivers

State Troopers in Maryland Find Unusual Method to Catch Distracted Drivers

In an initiative named “Operation Trojan Horse”, Maryland troopers hid in dump trucks looking for distracted drivers from above. Police officers went undercover in the dump trucks to catch drivers who were engaging in distracted driving behaviours. The initiative resulted in dozens of traffic stops between Delaware and Baltimore City according to the state troopers.

The seven-hour blitz, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm enabled law enforcement to see drivers talking on their cellphones, texting and using electronic devices from a unique advantage. Officers who spotted drivers then dispatched an officer to pull the driver over and explain the dangers of distracted driving.


Distracted Driving Blitz Effective in Maryland

Given the short time period of the Maryland initiative, State Troopers were pleased with the results of the dump truck blitz.

The seven-hour blitz results included:
– 113 citations
– 111 warnings
– two drivers found who had suspended licences
– a total of 172 drivers were stopped

Given the success of the programme, the State Troopers of Maryland will no doubt use the dump truck in the future. Law enforcement continues to find innovative ways to catch distracted drivers. In Toronto, the Toronto Police Department used a hearse to catch distracted drivers. Many found the initiative in bad taste but the law enforcement agency thought a hearse was an excellent way to get the message across when it comes to the consequences of distracted driving. Other initiatives have included law enforcement dressed as homeless individuals, catching unsuspecting drivers talking or texting on their phones and police officers using utility equipment to spot distracted drivers from above.