Don’t Pass the School Bus in B.C.

Fines are Increasing if You Pass a School Bus

Drivers who pass a school bus that has flashing lights in B.C. will be in for a financial surprise. Fines for passing a school bus that has lights flashing are more than doubling to $368. The increase is a result of a review of penalties that found the previous fine of $167 to be one of the lowest in Canada. In addition to the increased fine, drivers will continue to receive three penalty points if they pass a school bus with flashing lights.

The increased penalties come at a time where the province of British Columbia has decided to focus on road safety. The transportation minister, Todd Stone applauded parents whose advocacy led to the increased fines for drivers. Between 2009 and 2014, there will over one thousand violation tickets issued to drivers who failed to stop for a school bus. Despite the high number of tickets, no child died during that period while getting on or off a school bus.

Fines May Deter Driver Bad Behaviour

In addition to increased fines for passing a school bus with lights flashing, the B.C. government has decided to get tough with distracted driving. Effective June 1, 2016, fines for distracted drivers will increase from $168 to $368. A new fine structure will also be implemented for drivers who continue to drive distracted. Including the potential for loss of driving privileges for repeat offenders. To read more about the changes to B.C.’s distracted driving fines, visit https://www.yd.com/blog/b-c-government-announces-increase-distracted-driving-fines/