Do You Need To Maintain Your Speed On Bad Roads?

Will You Get a Ticket For Driving Too Slow on Bad Roads?

According to the RCMP in British Columbia, if the roads are bad, going the speed limit could get you a ticket. According to B.C. Law enforcement, posted speed limits reflect the maximum speed under ideal conditions that motorists can travel. Driving over the speed limit in adverse conditions such as snow or even fog could get you a ticket and demerit points in B.C. But what happens when there is only one lane available for motorists to travel?

According to Jason Tchir from the Globe and Mail, the rules vary across each province but what happens if the road conditions are so bad, and there is only one clear lane?  Angelo DiCicco, Driving Instructor and Director of the Young Drivers of Canada GTA Centres,

“When there’s only one clear lane, it might be the safest lane to drive in – or, it might be the most dangerous. “When driving in the winter, you want to get the most traction possible – but the hard part is discerning where that is. Sometimes the clear pathway is where the black ice is hidden, and there might be traction in the snowy lane if the snow is fluffier and not packed down.”

Regarding speed, Mr. DiCicco cautions drivers by suggesting that there may be a reason a vehicle in front of you may be going to slow. They may not be able to travel faster without losing control. The experienced driving instructor suggests that motorists exercise caution and reduce their speed in adverse weather conditions.To read the complete article, visit http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-drive/culture/commuting/can-i-be-ticketed-for-driving-slowly-on-bad-roads/article27998793/