Distracted Driving and Winter Driving Conditions

Don’t Text and Drive in Winter Conditions

Distracted driving continues to dominate the headlines and for good reasons. Today, there are more vehicle fatalities and crashes as a result of distracted driving than of impaired driving. Smartphones have enabled drivers to become distracted at an unprecedented level, resulting in an alarming amount of deaths linked to the distracted driving behaviour.

Smart phones have become the easiest way to get in touch with people. From employers checking on their employees or needing information from their fleet drivers to mom texting their teen drivers the smart phone has entered the vehicle cockpit. Rarely does the sender of the text or generator of a the call think about the consequences of their action.

According to the experts, taking your eyes off the road, hands off the wheel and other cognitive distractions can increase the risk of a collision significantly. Receiving a text while driving, not even responding to the text is a significant distraction that can result in a collision.

Distracted Driving and Winter Road Conditions

With winter in full swing across the country, distracted driving becomes even more problematic when combined with icey and snowy roads. Young Drivers would like to suggest the following tips when it comes to being distracted by your smartphone and driving in winter conditions.

1. Avoid using the phone while driving. It’s against the law and it will distract you from the conditions on the road. If you are tempted by your smartphone, put it away completely.

2. Let family, friends and your boss know that you will be driving and will not respond to a call or text until you arrive at your destination.

3. If you need to make a call, pull over at a designated text zone or service centre and check your calls and texts.

4. Do not interact on your phone to update your social media channels or “like” a post or picture. That “like” may be the last one you will make.

5. Winter driving can be challenging on its own. Avoid any additional potential for stress by avoiding distracted driving behaviours behind the wheel.

Young Drivers continues to teach its students the importance of putting the phone away while you drive. That message is further amplified in the winter where drivers need to focus on the road, its conditions and other drivers. Don’t mix distracted driving with winter driving!