Dash Cam Captures Near Head-On Crash in Newfoundland

Dash Cam Video Used to Find Reckless Driver

A shared video from a dash cam shows now close Michael Newhook came to a head-on collision on the C.B.S. Highway. The video has enabled law enforcement to find and charge the driver that could have caused a serious maybe even fatal collision. The offending driver was charged with dangerous driving. The video captured the accused almost driving his vehicle into another vehicle in Conception Bay South.

The driver with the dashcam, Mr. Newhook, was driving on the Peacekeepers Highway when he saw headlights coming towards him in his own lane. The lights drew closer and Mr. Newhook realized that the oncoming driver would not be able to pass all the vehicles and would

As the lights drew nearer, it became clear the blue Chevrolet truck was not going to pass all the oncoming vehicles in time. Mr. Newhook swerved away from the oncoming vehicle, moving to the should of the road. Luckily, he did not hit the guard rail, otherwise, he may have moved back into the oncoming vehicle.

Mr. Newhook took to social media and posted the video from the dashcam on his Facebook page. The views of the video quickly grew, and came to the attention of local law enforcement who were able to track down the offending driver. Mr. Newhook was surprised that the video captured as much attention as it did but is glad that it did. It is his hope that viewers of the video will change some of their driving habits.

Mr. Newhook’s actions saved his life. Young Drivers of Canada teaches its students a similar technique. Drivers faced with this situation should try to reduce their speed then move to the shoulder in a controlled manner to avoid skidding or hitting a guardrail as Mr. Newhook suggested he was lucky enough not to do. The actions of the oncoming driver were reckless and dangerous but it was Mr. Newhook’s quick and controlled response that saved his life!  To see the footage from the dashcam, visit, http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/dangerous-driving-passing-dashboard-camera-1.3862110