Another Tesla Crashes on Autopilot

Is There a Concern with Tesla’s Autopilot Technology?

Tesla and its Autopilot system is again making the headlines after another one of its vehicles has crashed while on Autopilot. The latest crash in the State of Montana claims that the Tesla Autopilot system drove off the road, hit a guardrail and wooden posts. The circumstances behind the crash are not completely verified, but Tesla forum members are suggesting that the driver should not have used Autopilot on an unfamiliar country road in the dark. Tesla enthusiasts are suggesting that the Autopilot technology should not be used in such circumstances as such roads are susceptible to wildlife and other hazards.

Tesla will no doubt examine the latest collision to the full extent including obtaining the data from the onboard computer of its vehicle. With recent headlines about the Autopilot fatality in Florida, Tesla will ensure the data is thoroughly examined to determine the cause of the crash.

As the Autopilot technology grows in use, many observers are suggesting that its use is limited, with an automatic shut off if conditions are not suitable for its use. Others indicate that drivers should be responsible for the carriage of their vehicles under all scenarios, regardless of the vehicle’s technology capability. When developing the technology, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla may not have anticipated human nature when it comes to using the Autopilot technology. More specifically, the founder may not have taken into consideration the aspect of common sense when it comes to the operators of his vehicles. It appears, on a preliminary basis that the main cause of the two collisions involving Tesla’s Autopilot may not be the hardware or software but rather the poor judgment of the driver.

The NTSB Will Review Tesla’s Autopilot Technology

The National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) will investigate the latest crash involving Tesla’s Autopilot, including pulling the data from the onboard computer to determine what caused the crash. Based on their findings, the NTSB may require Tesla to reduce some of the features of the Autopilot technology. Tesla is also at fault, choosing to roll out the technology without putting in safeguards such as a shutdown of the technology on two-lane highways.

Regardless of the advances in technology, drivers need to rely on their driving skills and not what the vehicle can do. Young Drivers of Canada suggests drivers need to be taught defensive driving skills for life that will assist them in situations that could avoid a crash or collision. Technology advances have seen vehicles become safer, but technology has also created lazy drivers who are relying on it to do the driving for them. What ever happened to getting into a car and driving, just for the sheer pleasure?