The Academy Awards A Driver’s Nightmare

Academy Awards Will Draw Thousands of Chauffeured Vehicles

The Academy Awards will attract thousands of vehicles filled with the Hollywood stars to the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles today. Most of these vehicles will be driven by chauffeurs who will be required to get the Hollywood elite to the Oscars on time, away from the fans and in one piece. These drivers will have to navigate police barricades, bomb squads, and thousands of fans, not to mention the paparazzi to get their stars to the Theatre on time and safely without any driver distractions.

Academy Awards Security Will Be Tight

The 15-block radius surrounding the Dolby Theatre will be under heavy security and if you are not carrying the proper credentials, it doesn’t matter who you are, you won’t be let through. Many of the chauffeurs and their companies will require a security clearance to take their clientele to the Dolby Theatre. Preparation for this event and the logistics of everyone getting there on time is planned several months in advance. For many drivers, this will not be the first time that they are taking someone to the Oscars. Many chauffeurs have established relationships with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and have been driving them to the Oscars for years. Many have watched some of Hollywood’s finest put the finishing touches on their hair and makeup while in the back of their vehicles. In addition to getting the stars to their destination on Oscar day, many of these chauffeurs will need to exercise complete discretion as they drive some of the most famous Hollywood actors to meet their destiny with Mr. Oscar himself.

For many companies who provide the stars with transportation, Oscar night can be a lucrative time. With chauffeur services ranging from $1,200 to 5,000, depending on the vehicle, Gone are the days of the stretch limo. Most Hollywood stars are opting to arrive in upscale SUV’s, including the Cadillac Escalade and the Lincoln Navigator. The trend for environmentally friendly vehicles has come and gone. Teslas and hybrids were fashionable at one time but when was the last time you saw a Prius on the red carpet. Vehicles will be prepped with the star’s requests, from fresh flowers to a special brand of champagne.

Once the vehicles are prepped, buffed and puffed, it’s off to the Oscar and the goal of every chauffeur is to keep their ride safe. Chauffeurs will be entrusted with their special cargo and if they are lucky, will have another passenger along for the ride after the event, the coveted Oscar statuette.

And it goes without saying, what happens in the car, stays in the car, like Vegas. Drivers will be privy to some of Hollywood’s secrets, from the winners and the losers. Discretion will be at its utmost for these elite drivers. Many will receive generous tips for a night’s worth of work. Some may be requested to stop at a burger joint on the way home. All in a night’s work on this special evening in Hollywood!