Abbotsford Police Driving Excuses Road Safety Campaign

Abbotsford Road Safety Campaign Looks To Humour To Deliver Message

Today marks the end of a week of the Abbotsford Police Department posting so of the most ridiculous and hilarious excuses drivers have offered up when stopped for an offence. With the summer season in full swing and more drivers on the road, the Abbotsford Police Department knows that these are ideal conditions for the potential for increased collisions.

The campaign, which runs once a year enables the Abbotsford Police Department to share some of the more funny and outrageous excuses they have heard while pulling over offending drivers. The week-long campaign which ended today had the Abbotsford Police Department post the reasons on their social media channels including their Facebook page located at https://www.facebook.com/AbbyPoliceDept 

The Abbortsford Police department’s Facebook page also highlights some of the more interesting interactions encountered by the department on a daily basis, including excuses for distracted driving, speeding and other driving offences.

A Week of Driver Excuses

The goal of the week-long road safety campaign has been to try to engage drivers on road safety from a more relaxed, less severe manner. The campaign originally launched four years ago has received an overwhelming response from motorists and the general public, with requests being made to continue the campaign year round.

Abbotsford Police understands the basis of some of the comments. Drivers know that they are doing something wrong and don’t have a logical response, thereby resorting to whatever comes to their mind. The police department, in turn, sees this scenario as a great way to make fun of the drivers while highlighting road safety.

To see some of the real excuses, you can also check out the Abbotsford Police Departments Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/AbbyPoliceDept?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw