2015’s Strange Canadian Driving Laws

Young Drivers of Canada Suggests Some Strange Canadian Driving Laws

In a recent article in the Globe and Mail, Jason Tchir called upon Young Drivers of Canada to contribute to his article, “Strange Canadian driving laws that surprised us the most in 2015”.

According to Angelo DiCicco from the YD GTA Centres, there is no law that requires slow drivers to get out of the way if they are traveling slower than you in Ontario. Flashing high beams as a signal to have slower drivers move out of the way can actually create a traffic hazard. Angelo DiCicco suggests:

“You might be confusing them or you might be pissing them off — all you’re doing is annoying, distracting and putting yourself at higher risk,” DiCicco says. “There might be a reason they’re going slow — maybe they’re driving with a spare, maybe they’re on drugs.”

How many drivers thought that flashing high beams was actually a law? Perhaps motorists will think twice before they do it the next time.

Other strange laws in Canada include:

  1. Being able to drive barefoot – there is no law against it. Specifically, you can drive barefoot, in stilettos or even in flip flops. There is however a problem that if the shoes you wear cause you to drive erratically, you could be charged with dangerous driving.
  2. It’s illegal to pass without honking in Prince Edward Island – the law does exist but it is not usually enforced. Most drivers in P.E.I. don’t practice the law although it seems like a nice way to let your fellow drivers know your intentions.

To read the Jason Tchir’s article in full, visit http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-drive/culture/commuting/strange-canadian-driving-laws-that-surprised-us-the-most-in-2015/article27951066/