10 Tips to Help You Conserve Gas

With the cost of gas reaching a historic level and no reprieve in sight, what are some things we can do as drivers to help conserve the gas we do have? Gas prices have been increasing at a steady rate for a while now and it’s going to continue to grow, soon surpassing $2/litre. This significant increase is due to a few factors including, the cost of crude oil and the need to match the margin of gasoline to diesel.

Because of this, it is up to drivers to strategize and find ways to conserve their gas and get the most mileage out of their tank. Here are our top 10 tips:

  1. Drive Less

Try carpooling with a friend or take public transit

  1. In the winter – warm up your car for a shorter amount of time

Idling for too long wastes fuel and omits large amounts of greenhouse gas

  1. Buy gas early or late in the day

When gas is cooler, it is denser so you get more out it when you pump and this happens early and late in the day

  1. Slow down and drive sensibly

Driving quickly increases drag, increasing your fuel consumption

  1. Monitor when and how you brake
  2. Turn off your engine

If you’re waiting, or idling for an excessive amount of time, it is a major waste of gas

  1. Try your best to avoid gas stations near the highway

They tend to be the most expensive

  1. Monitor your tires

Under-inflated tires tend to waste more gas

  1. Manage your speed

Using cruise control helps maintain a constant speed therefore optimizing your gas consumption

  1.  Keep up with your vehicle maintenance

By keeping your vehicle properly maintained, you can optimize your mileage by up to 40%

These are just a few tips and tricks to conserve gas especially as we enter “driving season” where more people are taking driving trips. To stay up to date with all things driving, make sure to check out yd.com and follow us on social media.


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