10 Driving Tips To Keep You Safe On the Road This Spring

The snow has melted, the temperature is rising and by now you have already taken advantage of our Spring Cleaning Tips to prepare you for the season. Now that you’re ready to go, it’s time to think about the changes you will have to make to your driving habits, as well as be aware of the changes happening on the roads. Check out these 10 tips for a safer spring drive:

  1. Don’t get rid of those winter tires just yet! – Spring temperatures can be a little unpredictable, fluctuating from week to week. It is suggested that winter tires remain on your vehicle until temperatures consistently reach 7°C or higher.
  1. The snow may not be gone for good – Snowfall is still possible early into spring and we never know when it is going to happen. Melting snow can be particularly hazardous if the temperature drops below 0°C at night and causes it to freeze. If you notice the temperatures drop, expect ice and slow down.
  1. Here comes construction! – Roadwork and construction tends to begin or resume in the spring. As frustrating as it can be to have your drive slowed down by road work, it is important that you remain calm and be aware of what is going on around you. Be sure to keep an eye out for workers, increase your following distance and avoid any distractions.
  1. Try to avoid potholes – Deep potholes can fiddle with your car’s alignment and can also become the reason you need a new wheel and tire. Carefully try to drive around the pothole, if it is safe to do so.
  1. Try to avoid large puddles – Puddles can be just as problematic as potholes as you’re driving in spring weather. Driving through large puddles can damage you brakes, blur your vision or cause your car to hydroplane. It is also wise to keep in mind that a puddle may be hiding a pothole.
  1. Plan your route if you are driving a long distance – Spring weather means scenic drives and lengthy road trips. It is wise to plan your route to avoid driving late at night. It is also wise to take turns at the wheel if you are travelling with other licenced drivers.
  1. Children are out to play – Longer days and warmer weather means more and more children will be walking to and from school and also enjoying playtime outdoors. It is important that you give extra attention and slow down your speed when driving through school zones and residential areas. Children are not always aware of the traffic around them and are easily distracted, especially while playing with friends. Also, keep an eye out for youth who tend to be fixated on their devices or socializing.
  1. Bike season is here! – Warmer weather means cyclists and motorcyclists are likely to be on the road. This is a time when all drivers should brush up on their vision techniques in order to stay focused and spot smaller road users. It is important that we respect and share the road with cyclists and motorcyclists in order to avoid any unnecessary happenings on the road.
  1. Watch out for Runners – Like children, we are likely to see more runner out and about as they take advantage of the nice weather to maintain their healthy lifestyle. Many runners tend to use iPods and other devices to listen to music as they are running and may not always hear or be aware of the traffic around them. Be sure to keep an eye out, decrease your speed and cover your horn if you notice a runner ahead.
  1. Hibernation is over! – Now is the time when animals who hibernate throughout the winter come out and begin search for food. Being aware of this does not only prevent animal deaths, but also unnecessary damage to your vehicle. 

Keeping these 10 habits in mind while driving will make for a safer drive and help you remain collision free! Happy Driving!