10 Car Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money

We often overlook the fact that many of the items laying around the house can do more than just one thing. You don’t necessarily need fancy gadgets, products and tools to maintain and organized your vehicle, check out these 10 hacks that will prove that.

  1. Use toothpaste to clean your headlights: Have your headlights gotten all foggy or hazy? You have the cure for that in your house and use it on the daily…well we hope….Squeeze some toothpaste on to your headlight and rub it all over, let it sit for a bit and then rise with water and an old rag or toothbrush.
  2. Got a crack in your in your windshield? Use some clear nail polish: Apply some to any small chips and cracks in your windows. They will visibly disappear by the time it dries and will also help prevent the cracks from becoming larger.
  3. Use a staple remover to add keys to your keyring: Instead fumbling around and breaking your nails or damaging the tips of your fingers, use a staple remover to open the keyring and simply slide the key right on!

  4. Use nail polish to fix paint chips and scrapes: Have some nail polish the same colour as your car lying around? Use it to cover up any chips or small scrapes form your car! 

  5. Use your seat warmer to keep food warm: Picking up some take out or transporting a dish to a potluck? Place the food on your passenger seat and turn on your seat warmer to prevent it getting cold! 
  6. Use hand sanitizer to unfreeze a lock: With all of the new car technology, frozen locks might actually be a thing from the past for many. However, if you still use a key to unlock your doors, you can apply some hand sanitizer to the keyhole to unfreeze the lock. The alcohol in the sanitizer will melt the ice right away. 
  7. Use a plunger to fix small dents: No need to visit a body shop to pull out small dents! Your plunger can get the job done quickly and painlessly at home.  
  8. Use laundry baskets to organize your trunk: Use baskets to keep your trunk neat and organized and to prevent your cargo from rolling around. This is particularly helpful if you are travelling or grocery shopping. 
  9. Use tooth paste to remove scuffs from your car: Toothpaste is also great at removing those annoying scuffs and swirls from your car! Use it the same as you did on your headlights. 
  10. Use a plastic cereal container for garbage:  A plastic cereal container is a great way to keep garbage from getting out of hand. No more unwanted wrapper and napkins hiding your seats!