Southern Ontario Hit by Freezing Rain

Southern Ontario Sees First Freezing Rain Storm

Most parts of Southern Ontario are having their first taste of winter. Hazardous winter weather has arrived in Southern Ontario with many parts of the province experiencing freezing rain, high winds and icy roads. For most motorists traveling, the roads will be slick and icy. Young Drivers of Canada would like to remind drivers to change their driving to adapt to the weather conditions. Under freezing rain and slick and icy conditions, Young Drivers suggests the following tips to keep you safe on the roadways.

Tips for Driving In Freezing Rain and Slick and Icy Roads

If possible, delay your travel plans. The roads may not be cleared and if possible, it may be prudent to avoid the icy road conditions. If you cannot postpone your travels, Young Drivers suggests the following tips for driving in snow and icy road conditions

1. Reduce your speed. Slowing down gives a driver more control over the vehicle. A decrease in speed will also allow for greater stopping distance in the event of an emergency situation.

2. Pack your patience. It is important for motorists to understand that the journey will ultimately take longer than expected due to the weather conditions. Avoid passing slower vehicles, especially snow plows.

3. Avoid sudden acceleration and braking. Icy roads are the best road surface to test how gentle you can be when applying the brakes and pressing on the accelerator. Avoid sudden moves with the steering wheel as well. Quick movements can land you in the ditch or worse.

4. Leave Room. By doing so, you can easy off the accelerator rather than use the brake to reduce your speed. By leaving the room, you will create more distance to stop. Also, more space around your vehicle will help you to react to sudden moves into your vehicle’s way.

5. Ensure you can see and be seen. Before you begin your journey, clear the ice off the windshield and all the windows. Visibility from all directions is important when driving in icy and snowy conditions. Ensure your windshield fluid is topped up with the proper fluid to tackle ice and snow. The windshield wipers should be functioning properly. Freezing rain can build up quite quickly. Use the interior fan and windshield defrosters (front and back) to ensure all windows and the windshield remains clear. Ensure your lights are on at all times, including your vehicle taillights so that you are visible to other motorists.

6. Stay alert. Driving in freezing rain conditions can be very stressful. Complete concentration and focus on the road is necessary. Avoid distractions, including using your cell phone. Wait until you arrive at your destination to answer your calls and messages.

Driving in freezing rain conditions can be treacherous. If you follow the tips provided and stay focused on the road, you will get to your destination safely.