Canadian Weather Includes Driving In Freezing Rain

How to Tackle Driving in Freezing Rain

Winter in Canada is inevitable and so is the possibility of driving in freezing rain conditions. With temperatures fluctuating around the freezing point, there is a strong possibility of freezing rain conditions developing. This year, many parts of Canada have experienced several bouts of freezing rain and if Environment Canada is right, Ontario will experience freezing rain conditions more often than not.

Young Drivers of Canada would like to remind drivers how to navigate the roads under freezing rain conditions. If you don’t have to drive when it is freezing rain then don’t but if you do, here are some tips to follow.

Tips on Driving in Freezing Rain Conditions

As mentioned, if you don’t have to drive then don’t. Stay at home and watch the ice storm from the safety of your home. If you are going to brave the roads, Young Drivers of Canada suggests the following:

1. Drive for the conditions with extreme caution. Avoid sudden acceleration which may cause a vehicle to skid.

2. Avoid breaking where possible. Breaking, similar to sudden acceleration can cause a vehicle to skid, resulting in loss of control of the vehicle.

3. Leave space. Space allows a driver to react to a situation with more time and avoids using the brakes. By leaving space and easing off the gas, a driver can increase the stopping distance. The greater the distance between you and the next car means the better opportunity to avoid a collision.

4. Give yourself extra time. The commute will be longer so leave extra time to reach your destination. Don’t get stressed by being late to work or school. You will not be the only one and speedy to get there will only create more of a problem.

5. Watch for snowplows. With freezing road conditions, the salt/sand trucks will be out in full force to ensure the roads are maintained. Avoid passing a snowplow. It is safer to stay behind them then trying to pass a large vehicle.

6. Avoid engaging in distracted driving behaviours. Driving in freezing rain conditions require your full attention.

Young Drivers of Canada also suggests that all drivers invest in snow tires. The compound of winter tires will help to grip the roads on snow and ice. Drivers should also top up the windshield washer fluid to prevent the rain from freezing on the windshield.

Freezing rain can intimidate drivers but if you follow some of these sensible freezing rain driving tips from Young Drivers, your commute can be an enjoyable and safe one!